What is Psychotherapy?

I practice Relational Integrative Psychotherapy but what does that actually mean?


This word refers to the importance of the relationship between therapist and client. In my experience, most of the suffering that humans experience is created in relationships with others. Therefore, the way that these issues can be soothed is within the safety of a trusting and warm relationship. When something enters in via a relationship it must also leave via a relationship.


Firstly, it refers to integration of all parts of a person and understanding how our mind, body and emotions are linked together. When we can learn to welcome and show compassion for all of the parts of ourselves we gain greater freedom of choice about how we want to be in the world. This includes showing kindness to those parts of us that we may not like or the parts of us that have not been welcomed by those around us.

Secondly, this refers to the integration of the theory and techniques used by the therapist. The models of psychotherapy theory I integrate into my practice include attachment, human development, Gestalt therapy, shame theory and some psychodynamic principles.


Psychotherapy is an approach to emotional suffering that uses a psychological approach rather than a medical model e.g. medications. Psychotherapy is one of numerous talking therapies because it involves talking about an emotional difficulty which could be anything from grief to anxiety, relationship difficulties to addiction.

The term Psychotherapy can often get mixed up with the term Counselling. There is no absolute definition, however, in my experience, counsellors tend to work shorter term and focus on a specific issue, whereas, psychotherapists can work at a deeper level and support with issues relating to deep sense of self. The length of training for psychotherapists is also significantly greater than that of a counsellor.

I often hear people saying that their suffering isn’t serious enough to get support. However, I strongly believe that anyone can benefit from being listened to in a safe space, becoming increasingly aware of how they see the world and why.

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